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A Good Deal: Chandeliers

July 14, 2009

I confess to having an obsession with chandeliers and cool lighting fixtures.  Lighting is just so important to a space, whether it be a home, retail boutique, restaurant, bar, work space or office.  Lighting must be  functional, attractive  and flexible.  Planning for separate switching is key in a commercial space and, in my opinion, dimmers are an absolute essential in a residential interior.  This is why I thought my next post for “A Good Deal”,  my weekly post on affordable design, should focus on some stylish chandeliers.  A fantastic light fixture can be a focal point of a space and have a lot of impact.  Obviously, there are many expensive fixtures that are expertly crafted, beautiful and well worth the money spent.  However, there are also some very nice alternatives that echo the aesthetic of the high end fixtures at a fraction of the cost.  Here are some examples:

Cellula Chandelier from Design Within Reach
Cellula Chandelier, Design Within Reach $2,600

The fixture above from DWR is $2,600, and the bulbs are not even included!

Linear Strand Crystal Chandelier from Z Gallerie
Linear Strand Crystal Chandelier,  Z Gallerie $349

Ok, this one from Z Gallerie may not have Swarovski cut crystal but at $349, it achieves the same look on a much more moderate budget. Another thing to note is that Z Gallerie oftern runs sales on their website for 20% off.

Giogali Chandelier from Design Within Reach
Giogali Chandelier, Design Within Reach $2,100

Wow! The Giogali Chandelier is composed of 150 hand blown Murano Glass rings.  It’s a piece of art and accordingly priced at $2,100.  For those with the budget, it may be worth it but for many folks this one below by Z Gallerie  is a good substitute:

Glass Links Chandelier from Z Gallerie
Glass Links Chandelier, Z Gallerie $299

Murano Glass Chandelier $3,200
Murano Glass Chandelier, DWR $3,200

This beauty is Murano Glass and modeled after a 17th-century Venetian-style chandelier.  It’s priced at a steep $3,200 and the version below, again by Z Gallerie doesn’t  have quite the elegance but is still very attractive, especially at $369.

Calais Chandelier $369
Calais Chandelier, Z Gallerie $369

I’m seeing a pattern here and it’s pretty obvious where Z Gallerie gets their design inspiration!  All Z Gallerie fixtures can be purchased on their website.  For those who like a modern classic, a mid-century modern style or are looking for a more organic look, inspired by Poul Henningsen’s Snowball Pendant  of 1924 or his iconic Artichoke lamp (both below)

PH Snowball Pendant, DWR $2,200
PH Snowball Pendant, DWR $2,200
Artichoke Lamp, DWR Starts at $7,692
Artichoke Lamp, DWR Starts at $7,692

I would suggest this White Flower Pendant from Lamps Plus.  A real bargain at only $200!

White Flower Pendant Chandelier, Lamps Plus $200
White Flower Pendant Chandelier, Lamps Plus $200

These are just several examples, and while I naturally do not condone counterfeit or knock-off designs by any means, there is almost always a less expensive way to achieve a certain aesthetic; one that is simply inspired by an original and not a direct copy.  In addition to the functional aspect of lighting, an understanding of form, scale and proportion is critical to selecting the right fixture.  Have you found any good deals in lighting?  We’d love to hear about them so please share!

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  1. mark schildwachter permalink
    July 15, 2009 4:49 am

    love the artichoke lamp and the website!

  2. July 15, 2009 12:42 pm

    How have I not found your blog before- I love it and your work!!

    I have always loved the Murano Glass Chandelier, I didnt even realize I could get the same look for less at Z Gallerie. While the original is clearly much prettier, I might have to settle for the less expensive option!

    Off to go read your blog from the beginning 🙂

    • Amanda Reid permalink*
      July 15, 2009 8:39 pm

      Thanks, LindsB! Love your blog too. Mine is quite new as I started it as part on my new website launch. Please check back though – especially for my weekly “A Good Deal” posts where I feature affordable design ideas and tips.

  3. August 11, 2009 9:24 pm

    What great choices of lighting options. It is unbelievable how you can get the same look for a much more reasonable expense. I can’ wait to start shopping!


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