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WILD INDIGO boutique: Project Photos + Grand Opening Party

October 24, 2010

WILD INDIGO DESIGN BOARD: Furniture & Fixtures click to enlarge

Some of you may have seen my Facebook upate about the opening of Wild Indigo a boutique in Boston’s Historic South End.  Owner and artist Christina Murphy hired us to do the store design and I’m happy to finally share some photos!   The boutique is in a great location on the corner of Dartmouth St. and Warren St. that gets plenty of foot traffic and great natural light.  ***Grand Opening Party information listed at end of post***

WILD INDIGO: Furniture & Fixture Plan click to enlarge

However, it’s a small space that would have a wide assortment of items (kind of like mini-departments) for sale so the main goal and design challenge was to develop a floor plan that allowed for maximum display without feeling cluttered.  The diversity of the merchandise called for several types of display units and fixtures as shown on the Design Board above.

Wild Indigo boutique, Natural Product Display

WILD INDIGO: Natural Product Display

The boutique carries beautifully hand-crafted pieces and many of the artists are exclusive to Wild Indigo.   One of the ‘mini departments’ features natural products including a Soap Bar, Aroma Bar, Tea Bar and fabulous soy candles that melt into a lotion.  This French antique style marble top tiered console pictured above neatly displays the natural products and evokes their hand-made quality.

WILD INDIGO: Center Display

Another ‘mini-department’ includes the “Ceramics” by several artists who create amazing one-of a kind pieces including teapots, tea cups, vases, soap dishes and even dog & cat bowls.  The “Glass Art” items include beautifully delicate pieces such as perfume bottles, ornaments and diffusers which make great hostess gifts.   In addition to home items, Wild Indigo also offers fashion items including knit and silk scarves, hats, gloves & armbands and well-priced vegan handbags which are in huge demand right now. The white lacquer center table in the photo above works as a focal point and also helps to direct a traffic pattern around the boutique.   The focal point is highlighted by a pair of Moroccan style pendant lights and is anchored by the over-scaled ikat black and white runner.

Wild Indigo boutique, Window & Candle Displays

TOP IMAGE: Candle Display | BOTTOM IMAGE: Window Display @ Dartmouth St

The top image is a detail of the candle display which sits atop one of the distressed steel tables.   We juxtaposed the stark white lacquer display units with distressed steel, french antique style console and iron accents such as the pendant lights and jewelery table displays to add interest and richness in the space.

Wild Indigo, Focal wall behind Cashwrap & Jewelry Display

TOP IMAGE: Focal Wall behind Cashwrap | BOTTOM IMAGE: Jewelry Showcase

The top image is the focal wall behind the cashwrap.   The floating shelves are intended for a rotating display and the artwork is by Christina Murphy.  The bottom image is the frameless jewelry showcase which houses some of the more expensive pieces.  To maximize the display area, we specified a full showcase which means it has three shelves and is entirely glass except for the black base.  [ This frameless type of  display case without the unattractive metal edges and corners is definitely the best looking type of jewelry showcase that is readily available.  I highly recommend them for occasions where custom showcases do not work with the timeline or budget].

Hope to see you at the opening party!


53 Dartmouth Street, Boston MA 02116

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

6:00 – 9:00pm

Phone:  617 424 4401


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  1. Joe Wold permalink
    February 2, 2011 3:26 pm

    The store looks amazing. If interested, I am a designer for a feather earring company and I think that they would do really well in Wild Indigo.

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